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FASSTA Connect

Creating intelligent business software solutions

Connect directly with suppliers and customers

DOWNLOAD, EXTRACT, SEND, UPLOAD, SAVE & MANAGE – for invoices (bills), purchase orders and sales orders.


Seamlessly interface with your warehouse management, ERP or accountancy system.

Direct uploads – invoices (bills), purchase orders and sales orders can be uploaded from your desktop.

Download – no more manual data entry required for invoices (bills), purchase orders and sales orders.


Create multiple companies, suppliers, customers, and users all within one single application.

Email management – each business has a unique email address which allows them to manage all emails from their suppliers.


Every line item is extracted with 100% accuracy.

With FASSTA’s proprietary mapping software, all purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices (bills) are mapped with all data captured.

Send & Save

No more tedious, error-prone manual data entry forever!​

All purchase orders, sales orders or invoices (bills) can be emailed directly into your FASSTA Connect system by your customers or suppliers with your unique email address. 

Or just upload them from your desktop with a simple drag & drop process. 


Only pay for what you process.​

Manage your costs - with the fairest pricing on the market.

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FASSTA Connect

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